Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Danum Valley Conservation Area

Danum Valley & The Borneo Rainforest Lodge

The Danum Valley, a primary rainforest jungle, is far removed from human habitation. Renowned for its rich variety of both plants and wildlife, Borneo's mammals include such extremely rare and endangered species as the Sumatran Rhino, Benteng Elephant, Clouded Leopard, Bornean Gibbon, and Leaf Monkey. The Orangutan and Proboscis Monkey are both found only in Borneo. Bird life is equally extensive and varied with over 275 individual species having been recorded, giving Danum Valley a reputation for being one of the best places for viewing Borneo's wildlife.

The Borneo Rainforest Lodge is a basic and rustic international-standard lodge built beside the Danum River. Unlike mass-market tourist destinations, the lodge accommodates a maximum of 60 people, ensuring each guest a unique and individual jungle experience. The fine facilities with basic comforts make it possible to explore the incredible diversity and complexity of the rainforest and offer a unique opportunity for guests to understand the primeval Borneo Rainforest in today's conservation realities.

Lodge activities include jungle walks, bird watching with resident nature guides, canopy walkways high above the jungle floor that allow the viewing of the rainforest from the treetops and night safaris with sights and sounds emanating deep from within the rainforest
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In March this year I went to Danum Valley to meet up with a photographer with the wife from British columbia Canada. We stayed about a week in Danum Valley Borneo Rainforest Lodge. I met Mr. John Whitelaw and wife Mrs. Christine Whitelaw on arrival at BRL. I travelled up a day before to recce the place before they arrived . On arrival Christine was not feeling well on the road trip to BRL due to the condition of the road. Its a dirt road for 2.5 hrs from Lahad Datu to BRL. However Mr. John W is all excited on arrival. They told me they saw a few wild pygmy elephant on the last 5km to the lodge. And they were Lucky! I didn't see any of them that period. John W showed me his photo of the elephant.

They checked in and later we talked on John's photo interest and Christine interest too. To my relief John W does not like to trek so much and running after animals in the jungle. So I can take it easy to concentrate on little animals which are my interest and John can take photo of his interest. I ask John W's interest. He likes some abstract especially nature. At first I don't know what he was talking about. I will show you some of his photo works later. I asked Christine of her interest. She says she likes watching nature from the lodge. She dare not go to jungle as she is terrified of leeches and snakes. So she stayed at the lodge and restaurant the whole duration of their stay.
Tiger Leech

Paradise Flying snake

In the morning I went out and saw a group of Red leaf monkeys at close up. Not only that, for the first time I saw a Morph Langgur of the Red leaf Monkey. Photo on my blog banner. It was awesome.
Red Leaf Monkey

The next morning we went out and got some nice pictures:
Pil Milipede
Whiskered Tree Swift

We went to the canopy walkway and it was a good view of the Lowland Virgin Jungle from there. At that time the canopy is undergoing extension.

Canopy Walkway on Construction

I took several pictures that morning and including my good friend Mr. John Whitelaw.
John W with Giant Yam plant

John Whitelaw at work

And some of John Whitwlaw's magnificent works:-Fern leaf by John Whitelaw

Alsomitra Sp. seeds.Photo taken by John Whitelaw

We went back to the lodge after a long walk that morning. Had a good buffet lunch and took some rest. Later that afternoon we heard some news from our naturalist, Mr. Vivian and said that there is an old wild Orangutan nearby the staff quarters feeding on the fig fruits. We grab our camera equiptment and ran to the site. We were the first to get there and got some good pictures. We called Christine to come and this one was so nearby and it was ok for her to come. She came and was very happy to ever see a Wild Orangutan! Without going into the jungle and seeing the Leeches and snakes that would stick on her and sucks the blood out of her.

Wild Orangutan Male feeding on fig fruit

Later there were more visitors came and viewed the Orangutan
We went on to do some of the jungle treks and manage to get some little animals shot. Just as I like. The trees are so gigantic and beautiful. Its one of the oldest rainforest in the world. It is said to be more than 1 million years old. Shorea sp. Tree.

We crossed suspension bridges and trek up and down hills. After such a long walk and a hot day, we returned to our rooms. To my surprise a frog almost camouflage to the railings just outside my room. An amazing -Four Line tree frog.Fourlined tree frog

One of the nights we went out on a night walk and found some of the most beautiful animalsBlack backed Kingfisher sleeping on a branch

Hairy spiders on night walks

Cup fungus

There are many more activities can be done at Danum Valley. Night drives, trek to coffin hills, drive to Danum valley Field centre and much more. It is such a wonderful trip.
Mr. / Mrs John Whitelaw are very happy with their trip and hoping for their return in future. John W are so kind enough to send me a few poster size fine print of his works all the way from Canada and all expenses paid. Thank you so much Mr. John Whitelaw.
I came back to KK with a whole load of pictures and yet to be edited till now. I can't wait for another trip to Danum Valley.

Please visit Danum Valley Borneo Rainforest Lodge website for more info and reservation. I highly recommend this place to any Nature Lover.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Photo Trip at Mesilau Kundasang

On July 11, Lance Lee, Jason B. Reyes n myself set out very early in the morning 0530am heading towards kg. Mesilau at Kundasang near Mt. Kinabalu. It was a clear morning and we can see the mountain very clearly. We stopped along the way a few times to get some shots. It was a magnificent day that morning. We enjoyed our trip.
We head towards JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam malaysia) complex to assist Ced Prudente and John Kong on their Digital Photo basic course for 2 days. 23 participants were on the course.

When we arrive the place, we were amazed with the view and the new complex were awesome. We took more photos as we arrived. Then we quickly went to the class where everybody awaits. It was just in time when the class were about to begin. I still couldn't stop thinking on how beautiful the place is while in the class. I couldn't wait to go out there again and start clicking.
Lance and Jason did a big help in assisting Ced and John K on the 2 days foto course at JAKIM. As the days goes the clouds outside builds up and winds starts to pound the complex. We can hear the whistling sound of the strong wind then suddenly a flapping sound of the metal roof became loud. I went out and found some of the roof had been torned. It was a very windy day and freezing too.
It was a succesful course. We had a good new place to checked in. It has 50 rooms and attached with toilets, room heater and water heater.

Ced and John K started their lecture with an introduction of the equiptment and a video show. Their awesome equiptment is just amazing. Among the stuff is high end nikon cameras D2Xs, D200, 600 mm f4 zoom lens, 500mm f4, fish eye lenns, and computer equiptment with 5G MAC for presentation. It surely does impressed all of us and the participants. The best thing is, we could play and test with the equiptments. we sure did enjoyed ourselves.

This is Lance Lee and Jason Reyes that helped in the success of the foto course. That afternoon after the rain stops we went out and took some photos. It was a cold afternoon. The wind still blowing hard till night time.

At night we were provided with a good BBQ dinner and it ws delicious and at the right place. It was yummy and had a goodnight sleep.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Latest News - Sumatran Rhino

Latest News

Wildlife Officer Mr Laurentius Ambu mentioned recently Sumatran Rhino in Sabah is geneticaly DEAD! Read more at this link:-

Also Saturday is an Open day for Lok Kawi Wildlife Park near Kota Kinabalu City Entrance is free. Your chance to see Sumatran Rhino at the park plus other animals.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bug world in Borneo

Rhino beatle is one of the biggest beatle in Borneo. It is such a harmless creature despite the looks. It only feeds on rotten wood.

Metalic Green Bug

:- Click Pic to enlarge
This bug recently swarm Sabah Tea garden and also Sukau in Kinabatangan by the hundreds. Anoying but they are such a beautiful creature. Anyone knows this bugs correct name. Please give comments. Also the following insects posted. Thanks.

Red White Moth

:- click image to enlarge

Moth is an interesting and highly specialized insect. They would do anything to comouflage the sorrounding and to show they are poisonus from being eaten alive by their predators.

Black and white Cicada

Anybody knows the name of this thing?

Wood looking moth

Another moth came that look like a stick. Very strange.

Doggy looking moth

This little moth surprises me for a while. It looks like a pluffy brown little doggie. It's very strange world at night in Borneo.


:- Click pic to enlarge

Then more insects starts to come out of the dark and into the light

Huge Rhino Beatle land on My leg

I was looking at some beautiful moth at a night in Sabah Tea Garden outside my room and suddenly this huge Rhino beatle land on my leg.

Nemo looking Moth

I went to Sabah Tea Garden near Ranau Sabah recently with my guest and was sitting near a bright light then suddenly they came. The secrets of the dark reveals itself. They are such a wonderful creature and beautiful.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sumatran Rhino Borneo

This Sumatran Rhino is the only one found in Captivity at Wildlife Park Lok Kawi in Kota Kinabalu City. It is also said to be just less than 15 in the wild jungle of Borneo. It will be the next animal to be extinct in the millenium. If this one dies there wont be anymore to be in captivity. It's the last chance to see it. It is very rare and extremely dificult to see it in the wild!

Latest News

Wildlife Officer Mr Laurentius Ambu mentioned recently Sumatran Rhino in Sabah is geneticaly DEAD! Read more at this link:-

Female Orangutan

Anyone Interested in her....

Gibbon of Borneo

I wish I know what they are thinking now

Another one hoping for new life out there.

Isn't he so adorable.

Orangutan bored with life

This pic is taken on a rainy day at Wildlife Park Sabah in KotaKinabalu. He seems very cute but the message shows. He is better off in the real habitat. The Virgin Rainforest.

North Borneo - Sabah

North Borneo - Sabah
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