Saturday, June 23, 2007


Borneo is one of the largest OXIGEN producing land in the world. It recycles the world polluted air from its vast tropical rainforest. I surely hope the forest remains with all our help. Therefore everything in it is fresh and with bioderversity which scientist and researches could only say MEGA! My adventure in Borneo started 15 years ago. I have a collection of beautiful borneo photos to be shared with you. I will post these photos gradually. Hope you'll enjoyed it.

Monday, June 18, 2007

About John

Hello . Welcome to my page. My name is John Aldrin Prudente. Tour guiding and tour leading is my full time job. Taking good pictures and nature interpretation and conservation is my other part time works. I hope you will enjoy the articles that will be posted from time to time. I like to write some of my travel works and capture some of the images while at it.
I try my best to show you only the best. Enjoy.....


Had been in Tourism Industry for more than 17 years. Had been awarded as Sabah Best General Tour guide 2005/06. Had so far handled very important Guest such as Ministers / Celebrities/ High profile guests / Popular film crew / Naturalist / Botanist / high profile incentive groups and Leads many popular International Documentary Filming works. Still active in Tour guiding and Nature photography work. Based in Kota Kinabalu and are very high demand in his services till to date. Also the founder of the Borneo Geographic Adventure Specialist Team in early 2008. Many adventure trips are planned ahead. So keep in touch for more reports.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

John's Blog New Look

I did some editing on the layout of John's blog, I added
link and some John's images on the header. Some of
the link featured in here are mostly about photography.
Cede (John's Brother), John Kong and Jollence L are
the photographers and the d preview is a website about
cameras. You can also search any product in
using the search tool in this page and register to friend finder.

John will regularly post new things in here soon.
so make sure to bookmark John's blog.

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North Borneo - Sabah

North Borneo - Sabah
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