Saturday, September 8, 2007

Cuckoo - Juvinile Oriental Cuckoo

I captured this Cuckoo bird in Kinabalu Park Mt Garden on 5th September at 11am.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Crocker Range Park Bird Photo Trip

On 27 Aug 07 a group of us Ced , John Kong, Albert, Wendy Hutton, Jason and myself set out on a trip to Crocker Range for a familiarization trip. The park had been there since the 80's but it was a research station and restricted to researches only. It is just about 12 km from Keningau town. Elevation is about 800m asl. It makes it as a cool place with temperature between 18-27degrees celcius. It has a superb view of the Crocker Range and over looking Keningau town.

It has a beautiful Virgin Rainforest and the Park is surrounded with it. It is also a water catchment for Kota Kinabalu city and west coast area of Sabah. The bird life is very interesting too. We saw Some hornbill- wreathed Hornbill n Pied hornbill, White fronted Falconet - World Smallest Raptor and only to be found in northern Borneo! Drongos and etc.
It has now a new accommodation build in the area to accommodate visitors like Hostels and Resthouses.
The following are some fotos captured on this trip:-

Along the way we saw spectacular view of west coast of Sabah. At one point we saw K.K and the islands off KK- Tunku Abdul Rahman Island park. We stopped several places to take pictures of the breathtaking views and taking in fresh air while giving the car a rest after hard climbing on Long steep slopes coming up to Crocker range Park via 4x4. The road is so nicely sealed and any vehicles may go thru except you have to make sure your radiator water is enough and the brakes is working properly to avoid any incidents.

John Kong and Ced enjoying the scenery

Ced Taking pictures of the fantastic senery

The Scenery of Crocker Range

After reaching the Park we trek the forest an d it was just an exciting trek and something different than the regular trails of Kinabalu Park and Poring Hot Springs. Lots of Wild Salaks Palms and Wild Fish Tail palms, also some oak trees, Pine trees and some wild bananas plants. Part of the trail cross through some former local orchard and Rubber Plantations, which local people did not realise they were in the Park boundary when they planted the crops long ago.

A group foto in the trail between virgin jungle and the Secondary Forest.
L-R: Albert, John K, Ced, Wendy, Alim, Myself & Jason

Sunrise through the trees

The Next morning John K & Albert went Mountain Biking and the rest went bird watching and taking pictures.

John K & Albert went cycling

Wendy had a try on the big lenses with her new D40 Nikon DSLR

Then we spotted an endemic Bird. Time to shoot!

We started shooting with our cameras and enjoying the details of the bird through Jason's Telescope.

Two small birds. Picture taken from far distance.

We get closer and it is the World smallest Raptors!
White Fronted Falconet.
Size a little bigger than Pipit.

Maybe got to Close . And off it goes.

Ced with his Big lens and continued taking pictures ........

The Bird hunters!!!!
L-R: Ced, Jason, Wendy & Me

John K was briefed by The Doc on his situation

Then we got a call from Albert that John had a fall from his bike and quickly rush him to the nearest hospital. Had him X-rayed and found his collar bone was slightly fractured. Good thing it was not that serious.

Further checks was administered and found everything else is normal. except John K couldn't lift his left arm for a while.

The trip was full of excitement and thrill. On just two days trip it was just FUNTASTIC! couldn't wait for the next trip to Crocker Range. We all went back to KK after the John K treatment at the Hospital.
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