Thursday, September 10, 2009

Recents activity - Lok Kawi Wildlife Park Kota Kinabalu

Recently I went to Lok Kawi Wildlife park in Kota Kinabalu with Mr. Tee (Nikon Malaysia), Jason and Andrew (both are Bird expert of Borneo) to see Rufous Collared Kingfisher at the Botanical Garden.
We went there to test the new EDG Nikon Scope. It was superb and clarity is excellent. I went to shoot with my D300 80-200mm f 2.8 and it is not as good as with digi scoping with subject in a distance.

Rufous Collared Kingfisher - Uncommon Bird

Rufous Collared Kigfisher

Mr. Tee from Nikon Malaysia trying out The new EDG Scope. Very good result!

Andrew Sani is playing with his expensive toy Kowa 88 scope and Sony camera. Excellent too.

Mr. Tee and myself spotted this snake on the railings. Green Whip snake. Non venomous.

We are looking forward to go back there and explore for more wildlife and bird in this beautiful place.

North Borneo - Sabah

North Borneo - Sabah
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