Sunday, June 10, 2007

John's Blog New Look

I did some editing on the layout of John's blog, I added
link and some John's images on the header. Some of
the link featured in here are mostly about photography.
Cede (John's Brother), John Kong and Jollence L are
the photographers and the d preview is a website about
cameras. You can also search any product in
using the search tool in this page and register to friend finder.

John will regularly post new things in here soon.
so make sure to bookmark John's blog.

::Posted By Lance::


John P said...

This is posted by Lance

ghostrider2099 said...

John!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did you replace the photo of the Kingfisher with this ape?!? The Kingfisher's was much nicer!

Flanegan said...

Glad to meet another Pro-Photographer from Sabah.

Let's meet up end of the year when i'm coming back to Sabah.

Jollence Lee said...

Flanegan bila ko balik oh?
Jangan menetap sana melbourne ah.

North Borneo - Sabah

North Borneo - Sabah
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