Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Photo trips and birding trips

Northern Borneo or as its official name now known as Sabah is just a place with wonderous nature. Mt. Kinabalu as its focal point of Borneo, Fauna with its Icon - The Orangutan, Flora- Rafflesia flower - The worlds largest, Rothschild Slipper Orchid - The worlds rarest orchid, Sipadan - A diving paradise and worlds most diverse marine life to name a few nature wonders that can be easily found in Sabah.
This place is just magnificent. Its a Birders and Nature Photographers paradise. You just can finish taking pictures and even just birdwatching. There are so plentiful things to do.
So my self and a few friends will embark a journey to go around beautiful nature sites of Sabah just to capture the beauty and plus the things in it.
We will set up a plan soon to visit the places and will invite those interested to join us. A few professional birders, and local photographers will be just assist us to be the leaders.

So to start with on
11 Aug - Lok Kawi afternoon bird & Photo trip - Shore birds
12 Aug - Lok Kawi am Bird & photo trip and Crocker Range overnight trip.
13 Aug - Crocker range and Beaufort Padang Teratak bird & photo trip.

Tour leaders will be our Star photographer Mr. Ced Prudente.

The above is just the plan so far and yet to be confirm. i will be organizing the trips. any inquiry call me +016 8336838 or email me jaldpru@yahoo.com. Or just simply drop a comment below.
More trips will be organized soon with a small fee. Open to local Sabahans who are interested in Photography and bird watching only. Other Nationality will have to check with our future package tours on similar itinerary.

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North Borneo - Sabah

North Borneo - Sabah
Photo Trips and Birding Trips