Friday, September 12, 2008

Bird nesting outside my house window.

I was away for almost 2 months and didn't notice that a bird had made a nest just out side my house window. It is quite interesting as this type of bird (a Kind of Sunbird) normally would create their nest in the tress near parks or forest. I am still trying to figure out what sort of sunbird this is till I see rest rest of the body. In the mean time I will look out for this bird. If anyone knows this bird please feel free to give the name. Thanks.

Photo taken from my house room with D300 300mm.


Jollence Lee said...

Should monitor that John. The chick will be ready to fly soon. The first flight of the chicks.

horukuru said...

hohoho agreed !

and you bird is the olive-backed sunbird :)

Jacq said...

Wow I love the last pic! The bokeh's very nice! So clean! And the birdy cute! :)

ANZAGA said...

Maravilloso paĆ­s y maravillosa fauna y flora fotografiada. Saludos. ANZAGA.

Anonymous said...

Wat I know this is called the Yellow Breast Honey Bird. Or some called it Honey Humming Bird?

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